Pupillage is a period of practical training undertaken by barristers during which time they practise under the guidance and supervision of a senior barrister (one who has been called to the Bar for seven or more years but who is not a Senior Counsel), known as a ‘master’. It is an important phase in the preparation for independent practice as a member of The Bar of Ireland.

The Bar of Ireland maintains a Register of Masters (‘the register’) and makes this available for those wishing to join the Law Library. 

Prospective entrants must complete their pupillage with a member who is named on this Register. 

Please note that it is the responsibility of the entering Pupil to secure a Master. 

It is not a matter for the Council of The Bar of Ireland nor the Committee Chairs to secure a Master for any Pupil.

To assist with securing a Master, the register also indicates masters’ availability for the upcoming legal year, and this is updated regularly during the year. Applications for admission to membership of the Law Library cannot be completed until a Master from the register has been secured. 

Prospective pupils should therefore aim to secure a master as early as possible in advance of their Call to the Bar.  As you cannot engage in pupillage with a barrister who is not on the register, please carefully confirm that status before coming to any arrangement.