The Bar of Ireland is the representative body for the barristers’ profession in Ireland and is governed by the Constitution of The Bar of Ireland. The Bar of Ireland is the term used to describe the independent referral bar that has a current membership of approximately 2,150 practising barristers.

About Us


Integrity is a defining value of the Bar of Ireland. Good corporate and organisational governance forms part of that framework and serves to give confidence to our members, users of legal services, the public and regulators.

About Barristers & the Courts

Barristers provide specialist advocacy and advisory services in a wide variety of areas and in many different types of forums, including the courtroom, and in other dispute resolution forums such as arbitration and mediation.

In the Community

The Law Library has a proud tradition of bringing its legal knowledge, volunteering heritage & capacity to a wide range of initiatives.


Founded in 1897, The Bar of Ireland has a long-standing history representing the barrister profession in Ireland.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

The Bar of Ireland is committed to the development and implementation of initiatives that promote equality, diversity and inclusion of members of the Law Library.