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Membership of the collective structure of The Bar of Ireland  offers numerous advantages to the sole practitioners

Members of the Law Library are provided with a wide range of services aimed at enabling them to provide an efficient and effective service to their clients. The services and supports below are included in the annual membership subscription and recurring service charges paid by members of the Law Library.

The Bar of Ireland is a collective structure made up of 2,150 members, which facilitates the sharing of knowledge, experience and administrative resources through a structure known as the Law Library.

Membership of the collective structure offers numerous advantages to the sole practitioner.

  • Access to a vast legal library, legal databases and professional research support teams facilitates barristers in performing their role to the highest standards.
  • Membership fosters a culture of collegiality and co-operation among independent lawyers, which ensures professional support, enforcement of the highest ethical standards and encouragement of continuous sharing and challenging of ideas and approaches, at all levels of practice.
  • The speed at which the legal environment changes requires up-to-date knowledge, continuous development and access to resources so that your clients and your practice can flourish.
  • Formal guidance and support is available to practitioners from the Professional Practices Committee and the wider Bar of Ireland structure.

Membership of The Bar of Ireland provides both value & savings in the cost of practising as barrister.

Library Services

IT & Remote Working Supports

Professional Practice Support

  • Barrister’s Desktop – member legal information portal
  • Access to 37 legal databases
  • Five fully serviced and stocked legal libraries
  • Two strategic partnerships (Letterkenny IT and Waterford Public Library)
  • Professionally qualified staff-assisted research
  • Legal research skills training and database support
  • Mobile texting, SMS service & instant Chat.
  • Inter-library loans and document delivery service
  • Current awareness service (DLÍ Nua; InfoPoint)

  • Office 365 secure, encrypted email and file storage service (on up to five separate devices) to meet data protection requirements
  • Entire Microsoft package
  • Managed wi-fi access in all Law Library premises with IT Helpdesk and support
  • Unique IT system account for each member
  • Multi-purpose membership cards
  • Printing and copying facilities at a rate of 3 cent per page
  • Professional practice advisory service
  • Practice support and fee recovery service
  • Pupil/Mentor Scheme
  • Law & Women Mentoring Programme – Promoting Equality
  • Consult a Colleague helpline
  • Benevolent Society of The Bar of Ireland

On-site facilities & services

Communications, Education & Public Affairs

Preferential financial services

  • Fully staffed reception and security service
  • DX Services
  • Confidential shredding service
  • Access to seating and office accommodation
  • Access to room hire
  • Access to car parking
  • Locker and changing room facilities
  • Annual CPD programme
  • Live webcasting and on-demand webcasts, papers and presentations
  • Access to Advocacy training
  • Specialist Bar Associations and Policy committees
  • Opportunity to contribute to the research, policy and advocacy work of The Bar of Ireland
  • Participation in our pro-bono Voluntary Assistance Scheme (VAS)
  • Media relations
  • Conferences and events
  • The Bar Review
  • In Brief – weekly member information e-zine
  • Fortnightly education and training bulletin
  • Member promotion through media relations and Direct Professional Access Scheme
  • Access to scholarships, fellowships and bursaries
  • On-site banking
  • On-site insurance – Aon
  • The Bar of Ireland Retirement Trust – JLT Financial Services
  • The Bar of Ireland Critical Illness and Accelerated Death Benefit Scheme, covering all members up to age 65 for €100,000 life cover and up to €40,000 critical illness cover (*This cover is subject to review at annual renewal in October)

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