Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan of The Bar of Ireland is formulated by the elected Council of The Bar, along with the valuable insights and perspectives of members.  The planning process is overseen by the Chief Executive Officer and forms a core element in governing the activities of The Bar of Ireland

Strategic Plan 2021 – 2024

The Bar of Ireland provides a range of extensive services and facilities for the benefit of members, and our primary goals are to continuously improve those services, ensure their relevance, and deliver them in the most effective and cost-efficient manner over the next three years.

Strategic Plan 2018 – 2021

We are committed to ensuring that The Bar of Ireland can continue to achieve a high impact through effective and efficient expending of resources to realise each of the objectives set out in this Strategic Plan, October 2018 – October 2021 for the benefit of all members.

The Strategy is formulated around three strategic pillars


To provide leadership & representation for & on behalf of the profession


To enable access to information, expertise & advice & uphold the highest standards of ethical & professional practice


To deliver valued & quality services for members in support of their practice

Strategic Plan 2015 – 2018

In recognising the challenges that lie ahead, the Bar Council established a working group comprising members and staff in February 2015 to set a clear direction for the organisation over the next three years.