The Council of The Bar of Ireland employs a professional executive staff led by the Chief Executive to oversee the delivery of member services and benefits to members of the Law Library.

The administrative offices are headquarted at The Distillery Building, 145/151 Church Street, Dublin 7, with staff also based in Cork.

Ciara Murphy, CEO

Chief Executive Officer

Ciara Murphy

Ciara Murphy is the Chief Executive of The Bar of Ireland since November 2014. She supports the Bar Council in defining its strategic priorities and goals and is accountable to the Council for delivering the expected performance results defined by its annual operating plan.

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Tel: 01-817 2877

Director of Finance & Operations

Colin Potts

Primarily responsible for all finance matters of The Bar of Ireland, Colin directs all financial planning, control, management, reporting and legal regulatory compliance. Colin is also responsible for membership of the Law Library and support services. Colin is a Director of the organisation’s property and finance subsidiary companies.

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Tel: 01-817 5004

Director of Library Services

Nuala Byrne

Committed to providing a library and information service of quality to support, promote and facilitate the professional excellence of the members of the Law Library. Responsible for strategic planning and future development of library and information services.

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Tel: 01-817 5296

Director of Regulation

Brian O’Driscoll

The primary role of the Director of Regulation is to develop and implement a Regulation Strategy in conjunction with the Professional Practices Committee (PPC) provide secretariat support to the PPC, facilitate the provision of guidance and advice to members on all aspects of compliance with the Code of Conduct and professional regulatory legislation, and manage the processing of queries and complaints received in line with the Code of Conduct, as well as queries relating to CPD requirements, professional indemnity insurance, ethics and practice standard.

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Tel: 01-817 2722

Director of ICT Services

John Kane

The primary role of the ICT Director is to ensure the delivery of innovative and sustainable information and communications systems that provide significant organisational and service delivery benefits for Members and staff.

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Tel: 01-817 5358

Director of Communications & Member Services

Cormac Ó Culáin

Cormac oversees all aspects of member services and representation to promote the expertise of the independent referral bar and support members’ practice, including media relations, PR and public affairs, policy development, member communications, member administration and support services, CPD and events.

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Tel: 01-817 5116

Director of Human Resources

Paula Corrigan

The primary role of the Human Resource Director is to guide and support the effective management of the Staff and organisational structure to ensure appropriate skill set and competencies are in place to enable the desired organisational capabilities for a high performance team.

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Tel: 01-817 5628

Director of Education and Professional Development 

Stephen Swanton

The Bar of Ireland is committed to ongoing development and cultivation of an environment of career long professional learning.  Led by Stephen the Education and Professional Development directorate works to support barristers in maintaining and improving on the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for a successful practice at the independent referral bar. The directorate provides high quality CPD seminars, conferences, practical workshops and courses as well as other informal learning opportunities for members, such as mentor programmes. The directorate is also responsible for the initial professional development scheme (New Practitioner Programme) which complements the final stage of barrister training (pupillage).

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Tel: 01-817 4507