About Barristers and The Courts

Barristers provide specialist advocacy and advisory services in a wide variety of areas and in many different types of forum, including the courtroom, and in other dispute resolution forums such as arbitration and mediation.

Barristers are trained to be both independent and objective. They are readily accessible and are typically instructed by a solicitor

Barristers do not provide the normal administrative services which a solicitor would provide. There is a strong relationship of trust and respect between the Bar and the solicitors’ profession based on the experience that each has for the high standards of the other. This traditional relationship allows barristers and solicitors to give their client the very highest standards of advice and representation. It also enables the justice system and the courts to have trust in the standards observed by the members of the legal profession appearing before them.

As specialist legal advisers and courtroom advocates, barristers are trained to be independent and objective.

More information on the values and functions of a Referral Advocate can be viewed here.

Regulation of the Profession

The Legal Services Regulatory Authority are the independent regulator for legal service providers. They work to maintain and improve standards in legal services and ensure value for money in the interest of consumers. The LSRA are the regulatory body for both the barrister and solicitor profession.