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Bar Review – July 2021 Edition

As we close the legal year, we are delighted to present this special edition, which showcases the expertise and legal knowledge that is available throughout the ranks of the Law Library. This month marks the inauguration of an essay competition open to members of the Outer Bar in the early years of practice. We are … Continued


Whether you are starting your career at the Bar, or seeking to develop your practice, The Bar of Ireland has a suite of supports and services to assist you in your practice.   Our offering continues to respond to the changing demands of the profession and clients.

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Creating a fairer, more equitable environment for all members of the independent referral bar is a key priority of the Council. It aims to ensure…


Barristers have been practising in Ireland for over 450 years. In 1541, The Honorable Society of King’s Inns was established when a lease was granted…


Integrity is a defining value of the Bar of Ireland. Good corporate and organisational governance forms part of that framework and serves to give…

In the Community

The Bar of Ireland, and Law Library members have a proud tradition of working in the community, bringing its legal knowledge, volunteering heritage…