IACBA Conference 2022

11 November 2022

The Immigration, Asylum and Citizenship Bar Association (IACBA) will hold it’s Annual Conference on Friday 25th November at 2pm in the Distillery Building, Dublin 7.

This legal conference will be of great interest to lawyers, legal practitioners, and persons with an interest in issues relating to immigration, asylum and citizenship law. With a fantastic lineup of speakers, Advocate General Anthony Collins, is going to speak on the Rule of Law and the availability of remedies in Migration Law, which will be of great practical interest to asylum lawyers. As well as the Advocate General, a number of barristers will be presenting, including David Leonard BL, who is speaking on internal relocation, Conor Power SC is examining the exercise of discretion in Judicial Review and David Conlan Smyth SC is discussing the New Pact on Migration and Asylum which includes the future of reforms, a major topic with currently several issues arising within Europe regarding Immigration and Asylum Law.

John Stanley BL is speaking about the Citizenship Act 1956. Professor Siobhan Mullally, University of Galway and also UN Special Rapporteur on Trafficking Persons, especially women and children, will speak on another big issue – trafficking in persons. And finally Dr. Violeta Moreno-Lox, Queen Mary University of London is giving insights into Crisification as a tool of migration control from the EU legal order.

Speaking on the New Pact on Migration and Asylum Law, IACBA Chair Michael Conlon SC said

A very interesting topic, as there are lots of issues within Europe about Immigration and Asylum Law. One of those issues is as to whether the burden of taking on refugees or of housing, protecting refugees should be shared in a different way compared to the way it is at present under the Dublin system. So there are all of these things coming down the tracks which are to a large extent going to be informed by political consideration by the legislation. Which the legislation will ultimately be made as EU level.

This legal conference is open to all but will be of particular interest to legal practitioners, NGO’s, Academia, those with a passion in legal issues relating to immigration, asylum and citizenship law, and those working in related policy fields.


The Immigration, Asylum and Citizenship Bar Association (IACBA) is an association of barristers who are members of The Bar of Ireland specialising in immigration (including EU free movement of persons), asylum and citizenship law, in addition to related areas such as employment permits, family reunification and trafficking in human persons. Their aim is to provide relevant continuing professional development seminars, information and public events to better inform barristers and the wider public of these areas of law.

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