Unlocking Futures in Law: TY Programme to Welcome 100 Students Across 24 Counties

13 February 2024

The Bar of Ireland’s Look into Law Transition Year Programme returns for 2024.

The Bar of Ireland looks forward to the return of its Transition Year programme Look into Law on Monday, 26th February through Thursday 29 February. The TY programme will welcome 100 students from 100 schools, encompassing 27 DEIS schools, spanning across 24 counties in Ireland.

Originally introduced in 2015, this year signifies the ninth installment of the Look into Law course which has continuously evolved to accommodate students from across the country and aims to offer Transition Year students a thorough understanding of the legal system, court proceedings, and the responsibilities of barristers.

100 Students, 24 counties, 27% DEIS Schools

The Bar recognises the importance of supporting and encouraging students from diverse backgrounds, including socio-economic, ethnic, and genders to consider a career in law. In order to ensure that work experience/shadowing opportunities are advertised in consultation with community interests, the Look into Law TY Programme has been integrated as a key pillar of the The Bar of Ireland Equality and Action Plan.

The plan is committed to enhancing diverse representation in TY course content, as well as content accessibility, to facilitate students with disabilities in accessing and viewing material. Further, the Look into Law programme prioritises the allocation of of extra spots for students from underrepresented, disadvantaged, and minority backgrounds along with those from DEIS ( Delivering Equality of Opportunity In Schools) schools when offering in-person course elements.

Speaking ahead of this year’s programme, Chair of The Bar of Ireland Sara Phelan SC said,

At its core, the aim of our TY Programme is to educate younger citizens on the role and value of our legal system.  Today’s political, economic and social climate is such that the Bar recognises its role in developing an informed and empowered generation, a generation that can positively impact on the future.

Through engaging content, and opportunities to interact with the profession, we hope to inspire our younger citizens and introduce them to the possibilities of the profession and the use of the law as a positive and progressive instrument of change.

TY Look into Law is the first step in our wider outreach efforts, supplemented by an increasingly present University Campus campaign.

The Programme: Bringing the field of law within reach of students

Throughout the week, students will hear from The Chair of The Bar of Ireland Sara Phelan SC, junior and senior counsel and members of the judiciary through a “day in the life” lens of their journey in the legal profession. In addition, they will engage in Q&A sessions and examine specialist practice areas including criminal, civil and environmental law. Towards the end of the week, all 100 students will experience an immersive tour the Law Library, The Honorable Society of King’s Inns and the Four Courts.

The online component of the programme, scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, features interactive Zoom sessions with experienced barristers, including breakout rooms and quizzes to enhance learning and engagement. Students will then transition to in-person activities on Wednesday and Thursday, offering opportunities for job shadowing and exclusive tours to gain firsthand experience of life as a barrister.

The TY programme will further culminate into an innovative, national online Q&A with students from all over the country posing questions a number of barristers. See below for more information.

Open to all schools and relevant to all students

The Look into Law Transition Year programme is inclusive to all schools and beneficial for all students, regardless of their career aspirations. After the resounding success of the previous years’ online sessions, the 2024 programme has been reimagined in a blended format, combing online and onsite learning components and catering to students interested in exploring the life and career of a barrister or fourth year students who are curious about how the justice system operates and career paths in the legal environment.

Live Online Session | Friday 12th April

The Big Legal Q&A will return for a third time and will be open to all participants of both the Look into Law TY Programme and  Look into Law – Bitesize. It will take place online on Friday 12th April at 9am to 10.30am. All schools and students will be invited to attend and ask questions to a panel of barristers. Students will be able to pose questions about life at the Bar, how the legal system operates, as well as ask career advice! 

Only one registration is required per class. 

Please contact  transitionyear@lawlibrary.iefor any further queries. 

For further details about the Look into Law 2024 – TY Programme