Karl Dowling BL

  • Junior Counsel: 2006

TEP, LL.B., LL.M. (International Business Law), Attorney-at-Law (New York)

Areas of Practice:
  • Commercial/Chancery
  • General Common Law
  • Probate Law
  • Succession Law
  • Trusts
Karl Dowling BL
Other Memberships:
American Bar Association
New York Bar Association
Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners
Direct Professional Access:

Karl Dowling is a barrister with a specialist practice in:

(i) Wills

(ii) Succession Law

(iii) Probate Litigation

(iv) Trusts

(v) Charities

(vi) Equity

(vii) Wards of Court

(viii) Enduring Powers of Attorney

(ix) Cross-Border Estates

Has advised the Attorney General’s Office on issues of Charities, Trusts and Estates and has assisted the Law Reform Commission in relation to (i) safeguarding vulnerable adults and (ii) section 117 Succession Act 1965.

Secretary of the Probate Bar Association of Ireland and past Committee Member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) Ireland.

Recently completed an Advanced Diploma in Medical Law (with a particular focus on decision-making capacity) and trained with the Mental Health Lawyers Association (UK).

Widely lectured on various probate issues to the Law Society, STEP Annual Conferences, the DSBA and a number of countrywide Solicitors’ Bar Associations.

Written extensively for Thomson Reuters and amongst other titles, is the author of ‘Practical Probate’ and ‘Civil Procedure in the Circuit Court’.

Karl is a member of the Bar of Ireland, Bar of England & Wales and the New York Bar.

Frequently appears before the High Court Non Contentious Probate List in relation to:

(i) Lost Wills

(ii) Limited & Special Grants

(iii) Rival Applications

(iv) Removal of Caveats

(v) Admitting Wills to Proof

(vi) Revocation of Grant

Acts for estates and claimants in the High Court and Circuit Court in actions in relation to:

(i) Validity of Wills

(ii) Claims by Creditors/Beneficiaries

(iii) Provision for Children

(iv) Claims by Spouses/Civil Partners

(v) Untraced Beneficiaries

(vi) Construction of Wills

(vii) Protection/Recovery of Estate Assets

(viii) Enforceable Promises by Deceased

(ix) Applications for Wardship (High Court)

(x) Enduring Powers of Attorney (High Court)

Practical Probate, Thomson Reuters https://legalbooks.ie/products/practical-probate

Civil Procedure in the Circuit Court, Thomson Reuters https://legalbooks.ie/products/civil-procedure-in-the-circuit-court?_pos=3&_sid=883df6c2f&_ss=r

Civil Procedure in the District Court, Thomson Reuters https://legalbooks.ie/products/civil_procedure_in_the_district_court?_pos=7&_sid=883df6c2f&_ss=r

Equity & Trusts Nutshell, Thomson Reuters https://legalbooks.ie/products/equity_and_trusts?_pos=1&_sid=883df6c2f&_ss=r

Succession Law Nutshell, Thomson Reuters https://legalbooks.ie/products/successionlawnutshell?_pos=10&_sid=883df6c2f&_ss=r

STEP Journal https://www.step.org/step-journal/step-journal-march-2014/voice-vulnerable

Irish Examiner https://www.irishexaminer.com/business/arid-20227010.html

New Law Journal https://www.newlawjournal.co.uk/biographies/karl-dowling

Law Society Gazette, Section 117 Succession Act 1965, July 2017

DSBA Parchment, Wills & Marriage, Autumn 2020

Widely lectured on various probate issues to the Law Society, STEP Annual Conferences, the DSBA and a number of countrywide Solicitors’ Bar Associations, including:

Law Society of Ireland

STEP Ireland

Dublin Solicitors Bar Association

Notaries of Europe (Milan January 2017)


Southern Law Association

Waterford Chamber Skillnet https://waterfordskillnet.ie/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Karl-Dowling-Waterford-Lecture-Paper.pdf

Donegal Bar Association

Kilkenny Bar Association

Mayo Bar Association

Sligo Bar Association

Galway Bar Association https://gsba.ie/main/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Will-Drafting-Avoiding-Posthumous-Problems-Litigation.pdf

Limerick Bar Association

Kerry Bar Association

Tipperary Bar Association

Kildare Bar Association

Midland Bar Association

Dundalk Bar Association

Roscommon Bar Association


FLAC (Free Legal Advice Centres)

(i) Advised in FLAC Clinics

(ii) Delivered probate training to FLAC volunteers

(iii)Updated FLAC probate publications

(iv) Delivered probate lectures to community groups

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087-236 5910
1 Arran Square Arran Quay Dublin 7
01-686 5515
@Karl Dowling

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