Bar Review Volume 26 – Issue 4

July 2021

As we close the legal year, we are delighted to present this special edition, which showcases the expertise and legal knowledge that is available throughout the ranks of the Law Library.

This month marks the inauguration of an essay competition open to members of the Outer Bar in the early years of practice. We are privileged to carry the winning entries, which cover such wide-ranging topics as

  • the use of Norwich Pharmacal orders to identify anonymous online users,
  • termination of lease agreements, and
  • Covid-19 restrictions on the right to practise religion.

We congratulate the winning entrants, and all entrants, and hope this competition will become an annual event

In our Law in Practice section, we examine the use of data access requests to gain access to documentation in the course of litigation. We contrast this with the process of discovery and detail how the data access request can often be used to achieve the same result.

Elsewhere, the courts have recently been forced to grapple with some of the issues that arise in relation to plaintiffs with terminal illness who bring personal injury claims. It is clear that such litigants, already suffering great personal tragedy, face some difficult choices in relation to the relief sought. Our authors examine the anomalies that arise and the different courses of action available.

Finally, our closing argument looks at the practice of remote hearings and examines how they may feature in a post-Covid world. Happy vacation!

Eilis Brennan SC

Volume 26 – Issue 4

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