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Previous Edition: Volume 24; Number 6 - December 2019


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The Bar Review - The Interviews 2016-2019

A special compilation of all of the interviews published in The Bar Review from February 2016 – December 2019. In 2015, The Bar of Ireland decided to build upon the good legacy of its legal journal and under the direction of a new Editorial Board and a new publisher, The Bar Review was developed into a modern, progressive and relevant learned journal for our profession.

A striking feature of this evolution has been the willingness of leading figures, in the legal world and beyond, to share their views in interviews, bringing a significant contribution and valuable insight to our readership. We recently reviewed the interviews that have taken place since we commenced with the new format (February 2016) and, in doing so, we have compiled all of the interviews published in the last four years into a single standalone publication for our subscribers.


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