Construction Bar Association

The Construction Bar Association of Ireland (CBA), founded on the 23rd of April 2013, is a specialist Association of Irish lawyers involved in practice in construction law matters and the resolution of construction related disputes.

The CBA seeks to advance the state of knowledge of Irish construction law through its regular Technical Talks Programme, the CBA Construction Law Periodical, the Annual CBA Construction Law Conference and various ad hoc briefings to Members on topics as they arise during the legal year. 

The CBA has also accumulated a unique online resource for Members in the form of the CBA Codex which contains in excess of 50 papers prepared by Members for Members on various discrete matters pertaining to Irish construction law and the resolution of construction disputes in this jurisdiction.

The CBA also acts as a vibrant hub for Irish lawyers to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience.

Membership of the Association is open to both Solicitors and Members of the Law Library



Membership of the CBA is reserved to:

  • To any barrister who is a member of the Law Library;
  • To any solicitor who is on the Roll of Solicitors;
  • To any firm of solicitors;
  • To any person who is elected by the Committee of the Association as an Honorary Member.

Barrister application details can be found here


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