Discovery Recruitment Hub

Thank you for choosing the Discovery Recruitment Hub for your discovery project.

The Discovery Recruitment Hub aims to streamline the process by which solicitors can engage skilled junior counsel for document review projects to include discovery, e-discovery, data access requests and data review.

The process by which the Discovery Recruitment Hub operates is as follows:

  1. ‚ÄčRecruiting Solicitor completes and submits the online Project Information Form (PIF).
  2. The PIF is processed by the administrators of the Discovery Recruitment Hub and communicated to all the junior counsel in years 1-7 and advertised internally on the Members' Section, Discovery Recruitment Hub.
  3. Barristers who are interested in a project, based on the terms communicated, will then apply directly to the recruiting solicitor via the contact details provided in the PIF.

Through the efficient communication of relevant information, this system will increase efficiency in recruitment for solicitors by ensuring that:

  1. There is mutual agreement with the terms being offered and only those counsel who are in agreement will apply for a given project.
  2. Applicants will be easily able to identify the requisite knowledge, skill and experience for a given project from the PIF supplied.
  3. Applicants will know prior to applying the minimum hours required and/or any specifically required hours of availability.


All practising barristers are subject to the Code of Conduct and are bound by its provisions relating to confidentiality.

The Bar of Ireland and specifically the Young Bar Committee, in conjunction with solicitors and other third parties, aims to provide regular CPD events covering areas such as e-discovery and developments in data protection and GDPR.