Professional Indemnity Insurance Responsibilities

The Code of Conduct for The Bar of Ireland requires all members to hold up-to-date professional indemnity insurance. Failure to do so results in immediate suspension from the Library, until The Bar of Ireland is satisfied the member is insured once more.

This measure exists to ensure that the clients of The Bar of Ireland members have a means of redress in the event of professional negligence. 

Code of Conduct for the Bar of Ireland, rule 2.15:

Barristers shall be insured at all times against claims based on professional negligence. Barristers shall so insure to an extent which is reasonable having regard to the nature and extent of the risks which those Barristers may incur in their practice and in any event at a level not less than the minimum level of professional indemnity insurance as declared from time to time by the Bar Council. However Barristers may enter into an arrangement with a solicitor and/or a client that the extent of their legal liability for any act or default shall not exceed a stipulated sum provided however that such sum shall not be less than the minimum level of professional indemnity as may be prescribed from time to time pursuant to this Rule.