Employment Bar Association

The Employment Bar Association (EBA) is an association of Senior and Junior Counsel who are members of the Bar of Ireland.

We specialise in employment, equality and labour law in litigation and in advising and supporting employers and employees in resolving workplace disputes.

We are Lawyers, Litigators and Certified Mediators who specialise in employment and workplace law. We also conduct Workplace Investigations, draft Legal Opinions on workplace employment law questions and advise and negotiate for employers and employees.

Through membership of the EBA, our members stay up to date and in touch with changes in this fast moving area of law.

New members are always welcome.



Membership policy

The Membership Fee is €25 for years 4-7 and €75 for years 8+. Membership is free for Years 1-3.

From October 2019, the membership year will run from 1 October 2019 to 30 September 2020.

Once subscribed as a member, membership for all members will finish on 30 September 2020.

Please note that membership is only open to current practicing members of the Law Library.

Apply online HERE

Applicants may also pay by electronic transfer into the Employment Bar Association bank account, giving their name as a reference:
IBAN: IE05BOFI90009221453826

Applicants should send an email to employmentbarassociation@gmail.com, confirming amount of payment made, method of payment, date of payment and year of call.

Alternatively, applicants may pay by cheque made payable to the Employment Bar Association and sent to Lorna Lynch BL, Treasurer.

For more information or to contact the EBA please click here