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What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data deposited on your device by websites. Cookies are used by The Bar of Ireland for collecting anonymous usage statistics as well as allowing private secured websites, such as Barrister's Desktop, to function. No personal information obtained from cookies is retained by The Bar of Ireland.

Third Party Cookies

Some of the legal databases connected via Barrister's Desktop use cookies in order to permit legitimate usage. We refer users to the respective cookie policies of Better Regulation and The Irish Times. Additionally, the YouTube videos embedded in our homepage use cookies from Google, some of which are used for advertising. Here is more information on how Google uses cookies for advertising and Google's full privacy policy.

Removing Cookies

It is possible to remove cookies from your web browser, and the method varies from browser to browser. For example:

  • On Microsoft Internet Explorer, select "Internet Options" from the settings menu and click "Browsing history" in the General tab.
  • On Google Chrome, select "Tools" from the settings menu and click "clear browsing data".
  • On Mozilla Firefox, select "Options" and then "Options" again from the settings menu and click "remove individual cookies" in the "Privacy" tab.
  • On Apple Safari, select "Preferences..." from the settings menu and click "Remove All Website Data" in the Privacy tab.

For other browsers, check your browser's help section for guidance.