Green Street Lectures relaunched in audio

24 April 2020


In 2016, under the Chairmanship of now Judge David Barniville, The Bar of Ireland held a series of lectures celebrating the role of the courts and barristers in Irish history. 
Held in Green Street Courthouse, the informative talks were delivered by a wide number of legal luminaries and figures; and on topics ranging from Daniel O’Connell, the Piggott Forgeries, to the Maamtrasna Murders. 
These lectures are now being brought to a wider audience, in popular format of audio. In the first instalment:
The Trial of Robert Emmet - Delivered by the late Justice Adrian Hardiman

The 1798 Trials - Delivered by Patrick Gageby SC

Daniel O'Connell: His Life as a Barrister - Delivered by Paul Gallagher SC

'Engulfed' - The impact of Independence on the Senior Crown Judiciary - Delivered by Bláthna Ruance SC


The Sedition and Treason Trials of the Young Ireland Movement - Delivered by Hugh Mohan SC


1916: The Legitimacy of the Rising - Delivered by Justice Gerard Hogan


The Pigott forgeries and Russell's cross examination - Mr. Justice Donal O'Donnell


The Trial of Harry Gleeson - Shane Murphy SC


The Trial of Roger Casement - Michael McDowell SC


The Maamtrasna Murders - Michael L O' Higgins SC


These podcast episodes can also be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts.