The Bar and International Legal Services

The Bar of Ireland is an independent referral bar composed of approximately 2,200 barristers who are members of the Law Library. Irish barristers provide specialised advocacy and advice to a wide client base both in Ireland and abroad, and have a well-established national and international reputation. At the Irish Bar, you will find a pool of highly skilled advocates and specialists in many different areas of law. Irish barristers have outstanding know-how and expertise in EU and international litigation and arbitration, representing clients before the CJEU, the General Court, international tribunals, and in international arbitrations. In international arbitration, Irish barristers work as part of a team with lawyers from other jurisdictions.

A significant number of our members are arbitrators and accept appointments as international arbitrators each year. Irish barristers are specialists in Irish and EU law and give opinions and advice to international clients. 

Irish barristers accept instructions directly from both EU and foreign lawyers, and may appear in the Irish courts on the instructions of an EU lawyer. In any non-contentious work, and outside Ireland, barristers may act on the instructions of any foreign lawyer.


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The Irish legal system provides an excellent centre for the resolution of international commercial disputes. Cases are continuously case managed by the Commercial Court to ensure the earliest possible resolution of disputes. Aside from England and Wales, Ireland is the oldest common law jurisdiction in the world. After the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union, the Irish Courts will provide the only legal system in the EU which is English-speaking, based on the common law and operates on the doctrine of precedent. The Irish Commercial Court has a dedicated panel of judges dealing with commercial matters, and specialised lists such as the Competition List, the Arbitration List, the Strategic Infrastructure List, and the Insolvency List. For more information about Commercial Litigation in Ireland see here or the Commercial Litigation Association of Ireland

Ireland is also an attractive centre for international arbitration, with a modern arbitration law (UNCITRAL), a judicial system that is supportive of arbitration, a dedicated Arbitration Judge, and a dedicated dispute resolution centre in Dublin.