Discovery Recruitment Hub

Discovery Hub: Expertise at your fingertips!


Matching member expertise with your legal and professional service needs





Discovery Hub brings your discovery needs to the widest pool of legal professionals in the Law Library, particularly in the field of discovery, e-discovery, data access requests and data review. Streamlining the process, we match our members’ expertise with your needs.


Find your Discovery partner 

Access our members expertise in three easy steps:

 Complete: Outline your legal and discovery needs on the online Project Information Form (PIF)

 Communicate: We send it to all Junior Counsel in years 1-7 and advertise internally

 Connect: Barristers apply directly to the recruiting solicitor/firm via the contact details provided in the PIF


The advantages of Discovery Hub include:

  • Clarity and mutual agreement on the terms being offered and only those counsel who are in agreement will apply for a given project.
  • Best matches between project and counsel in respect of knowledge, skill and experience through the Project Information Form.
  • Applicants will know prior to applying the minimum hours required and/or any specifically required hours of availability.


All practising barristers are subject to the Code of Conduct and are bound by its provisions relating to confidentiality. The Bar of Ireland and specifically the Young Bar Committee, in conjunction with solicitors and other third parties, aims to provide regular CPD events covering areas such as e-discovery and developments in data protection and GDPR.