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The Discovery Recruitment Hub aims to streamline the process by which solicitors engage skilled junior counsel for document review projects to include discovery, e-discovery, data access requests and title review.

Solicitors are required to complete a Project Information Form, (PIF) outlining project information including the terms being offered, the requisite knowledge, skill and experience for a given project and the minimum hours required and/or any specifically required hours of availability.

Members on the discovery database (listing of members who have indicated an interest in Discovery work) will be contacted when a project request is received from a Solicitor.

Members who are interested in a project, based on the terms communicated, will then apply directly to the recruiting solicitor via the contact details provided in the PIF.

Members can add their details to the discovery database by completing this form.

Discovery is…

Discovery is a pre-trial process by which parties pursuant to agreement or court order disclose the existence of, and certain facts relating to, documents that are or were in a party’s power, possession or procurement. These documents are relevant and necessary to the litigation and are set out in categories disclosed by way of sworn evidence.

The term "document" is widely interpreted in this context and includes images, CCTV footage, voice recordings and electronically stored information. eDiscovery relates specifically to this process in the context of electronically stored information.

Discovery aids parties in progressing litigation by arming both sides and, in narrowing the issues between them, it saves time and costs.

Trained barristers are qualified to advise on discovery, including ediscovery, at all stages and assess whether a document comes within an order or agreement, its categorisation and whether a document attracts privilege. Trained barristers are also qualified to review documents, including those relating to title.

All practising barristers are subject to the Code of Conduct and are bound by its provisions relating to confidentiality.


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