Arbitration & Alternative Dispute Resolution Appointment Service

The Bar of Ireland provides an Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution Appointment Service.

This scheme provides a fast and free service whereby the parties to a dispute can, if they agree, ask the Chairperson of the Council of The Bar of Ireland to appoint a Barrister to act as Arbitrator or Mediator to the dispute.

In selecting the arbitrator or mediator, the Chairperson of the Council of The Bar of Ireland will have regard to the nature of the dispute, its value and its complexity. The Chairperson will make the appointment within five working days of the date of acknowledgment of the request for appointment.

A request for appointment should include the following information:

  • the name in full, description, address and other contact details of each of the parties;
  • a description of the nature and circumstances of the dispute giving rise to the claim and of the basis upon which the claim is made;
  • a statement of the relief sought, together with the amounts of any quantified claims and, to the extent possible, an estimate of the monetary value of any other claims;
  • any relevant agreements and, in particular, the dispute resolution clause in the agreement(s);
  • all relevant particulars and any observations or proposals as to the place of the arbitration, the applicable rules of law and the language of the arbitration.

All requests for appointment may be made by application sent by email to



The Chairperson of the Council of The Bar of Ireland shall not be liable to any party or appointed Arbitrator or Mediator for any act or omission in connection with any liability arising in relation to the appointment of an arbitrator or mediator under the Arbitration & Alternative Dispute Resolution Appointment Service, or the administration of the scheme or any matter connected with the scheme.