Professional Practices Committee


  • Mary Rose Gearty SC - Chairman
  • Barry O'Donnell SC
  • Bernard Condon SC
  • Thomas Creed SC
  • Sean Gillane SC
  • Paul McGarry SC
  • Maura McNally SC
  • Joseph O'Sullivan BL
  • Darren Lehane BL
  • Dara Hayes BL
  • Garrett Cooney BL
  • Tony McGillicuddy BL
  • Vincent McKechnie BL
  • Ronnie A M Robins SC
  • Conor J Maguire SC
  • Conor Devally SC
  • Ronan M Murphy SC
  • Paul C McCarthy SC
  • Siobhan Phelan SC
  • Se├ín Guerin SC
  • Cathleen Noctor SC
  • Emily Gibson BL
  • Sara Antoniotti BL
  • Elizabeth Gormley BL
  • Emer Woodfull BL
  • Brendan Savage BL
  • Suzanne Dooner BL
  • Kate Ahern BL

Role of the Professional Practices Committee 

The functions of the Professional Practices Committee shall be to monitor all matters concerning proper professional practice of members of the Law Library.  In particular, and without prejudice to the generality of the above, the Professional Practices Committee may investigate and, if thought fit, prefer and present a complaint against any member without the necessity of having the matter referred to it by any third party.  Such complaint shall be made to the Barristers’ Professional Conduct Tribunal in respect of such matters within its jurisdiction in accordance with the provisions of the Legal Services Regulation Act 2015. Brian O'Driscoll provides secretariat to this committee.