Company Structure

Company Structure

The Bar of Ireland

The Bar of Ireland organisation is an unincorporated body, which represents the barrister profession. It operates financially from subscription income used to fund administrative costs and the supply of services to members of the Law Library.

Law Library Properties Ltd. (LLPL)

The company was formed in 1994. Its role is the property management of the Law Library Building, 158/159 Church Street and the Distillery Building, 145/151 Church Street. It is also the holding company of Law Library Services Ltd. and Law Library Finance Ltd.

Law Library Services Ltd. (LLSL)

LLSL, formed in 1993, is a subsidiary of Law Library Properties Ltd. It provides services to members and the public. Law Library Services Limited is registered in Ireland. Registered no 201602. Any queries related to Law Library Services can be sent to or

Law Library Financial Services

LLFL was set up in 1999 as a subsidiary of Law Library Properties Ltd. to provide Insurance & Banking services to members of the Law Library. 

The Church Street Club

The Church Street Club was formed in 1994 as a social club for members of the Law Library providing a bar and restaurant service. In June 2012, the eagerly awaited “Sheds” Bar, located in the Distillery Building, opened to members.