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The Law Library

Whilst a large proportion of barristers have their own individual offices, many practising barristers are also members of the Law Library, a collective structure which facilitates the sharing of knowledge, experience and administrative resources.

The Law Library has facilities located at the Four Courts in Dublin, the Criminal Courts of Justice in Dublin and adjacent to the courthouse in Cork and is a bustling hive of activity from which barristers work.

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Membership of the Law Library offers numerous advantages to the practising barrister. Each barrister has access to a vast legal library and legal databases that facilitate and support a barrister to perform their role. The Law Library also provides facilities such as robing rooms, IT facilities and library research and advisory services. Another valuable contribution of the Law Library is that it enables members to benefit from the advice of other colleagues, particularly more senior practitioners. The location of the Law Library also allows barristers easy access between the various courtrooms during the working day.

Ireland is divided into circuits. Barristers are attached to certain circuits although they are not confined to practise on such circuits.The circuits include: Munster, Northern, Western, Midlands, Eastern and Dublin.

The Bar of Ireland

The Bar of Ireland is the representative body for the barristers' profession in Ireland and is governed by the Constitution of The Bar of Ireland. Its role is:

  • to consider, report upon and make representations as it considers necessary in all matters affecting the profession;
  • to play a key role in the conduct and arrangement of the business of the profession;
  • to control and regulate the professional conduct of the members of the Bar; and,
  • to secure and protect the interests of the profession.

The business of the Council is conducted by six permanent committees and such other committees as the Council may, from time to time, establish. 

Current Members of the Council of The Bar of Ireland and its Committees