Green Street Lecture Series 2021

06 July 2021

The 2021 series builds on our 2016 Green Street Lectures, and portrays the intersection between law, politics and literature, detailing some of the notable characters, culture, and controversies that defined the Irish State through the years. 

The series is an important contribution in seeking to build an understanding of how national figures have both been shaped by, and shaped the law in Ireland.

Revisiting landmark cases and their lasting impact, the lectures are delivered by pre-eminent barristers and experts passionate about their respective themes and delivered from the Honourable Society of King’s Inns.

Enjoy the lectures below, or should you wish in audio, where ever you get your podcasts.

Frank Callanan SC 

The tables of the law, graven in the language of the outlaw: John Francis Taylor’s speech at the King’s Inns in 1901and Ulysses

Marguerite Bolger SC 

From Rogues to Role Models: Evolution of Employment Equality Law in Ireland

John O’Donnell SC

“Yous have no merit, no merit at all“: Trial & Error of Patrick Kavanagh

Bobby McDonagh

Diplomacy & Identity: Understanding, Managing & Celebrating Complexity

Sean Gillane SC

Germany Calling: The Trial of Lord Haw Haw

The Hon. Ms. Justice Mary Rose Gearty

The Cats’ Tails: Societal and Evidential Impediments to a Successful Sorcery Trial

Patrick Fitzgerald

Special Counsels: From Watergate to the Russia Investigation 

The Hon. Ms. Justice Nuala Butler

“Already Convicted in Half the Public Houses in Dublin”: The Trials of Nurse Cadden

Dominic Grieve QC