Small Claims Arbitration system

The Small Claims Arbitration system is an innovation put in place to make it easier to process claims for up to €7,500. It also reduces administration costs for all parties involved. The cost of the arbitrator is limited to €750.

This scheme allows businesses to claim small amounts, which in the past were usually written off as it was too costly and time consuming to go to court.

The arbitrator is available from a trained pool of barristers and agreed by both sides. The arbitrator’s decision is binding.

The scheme is explained in plain English in a pack laying out the rules and containing all the necessary documentats to pursue a claim. The pack has received the ‘Plain English, Approved by NALA’ mark from the National Adult Literacy Agency.

This is a trial scheme and the Bar Council welcomes the support of businesses and business organisations in developing it.

To contact the administrator for further details, please phone Rose Fisher at the Arbitration phoneline: 01-817 5072; fax number: 01-817 5018; or email: