Bar Council Calls for Yes Vote in Court of Appeal Referendum

27th September 2013 - The Bar Council fully supports the proposal to amend the Constitution to create a new Court of Appeal in the forthcoming Referendum on 4 October 2013 and calls for a yes vote in that Referendum.

 The Bar Council believes that the establishment of a Court of Appeal is an essential step to address the serious delays which have built up in recent years in having appeals determined by the Supreme Court, due to increasing numbers of such appeals. The delays have arisen notwithstanding strenuous efforts by the Supreme Court to address them. Such delays are extremely damaging to the interests of individuals, families and companies and other businesses who are involved in cases before the courts and frustrate their right to have their cases determined within a reasonable period of time. They are also damaging to Ireland’s international reputation.

 The establishment of a new Court of Appeal will improve the efficiency of the courts system and thereby significantly enhance access to justice for all citizens as well as the international reputation of the State. It will also allow the Supreme Court to concentrate on cases which involve substantial points of law or issues of significant public importance. No convincing argument has been made against this proposal.

 The Bar Council, therefore, fully supports the proposal and calls for a yes vote.


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