You can search for any barrister by surname. This method of searching does not have to be word perfect e.g. "Egan" will also retrieve "Regan".

If you simply want to search by surname, please ensure that "Additional Languages" reads "None", Circuit reads "All Circuits", "Area of Practice" reads "All Areas" and "Specialisation" reads "All Areas".


The additional fields namely "Additional Languages", "Circuit" "Area of Practice" and "Specialisation" provide further parameters to narrow your search. You can for example leave "Surname" blank and simply search for "Additional Languages" e.g. "Spanish (working)".

The additional fields contain drop down menus to assist the search. Thus for example:-

  • A search leaving "Surname" blank, "Additional Languages" as "Spanish (Working)", Circuit as "All Circuits" and "Area of Practice" and "Area of Specialisation" as "All Areas" will show all barristers professing a working knowledge of Spanish.

A search which simply reads "Circuit: Cork" will show all entries for that Circuit.


By statute, Ireland is divided into a number of circuits each having its own Circuit Court. The Circuit Court sits in a number of circuit towns throughout that circuit. Junior Counsel are normally attached to a particular circuit. Junior Counsel who take silk and are appointed Senior Counsel, normally remain attached to that circuit but they also become attached to the Dublin Circuit. As a general rule, Junior Counsel attached to a particular circuit would be regularly in attendance at the local Circuit Court sittings and at the sittings of the High Court on Circuit and the High Court while sitting within the circuit. Senior Counsel attached to that particular circuit would generally be available for work on that circuit on a regular basis. No matter what circuit any barrister is attached to, he or she is fully entitled to practice in the courts of any other circuit and it would be a regular feature of practice in the Irish Courts for barristers from one circuit to conduct cases on other circuits.

If searching under the field of "Area of Practice", please note that this designation is used by barristers to describe their primary area of practice. It does not mean that they are unwilling to take on work outside those areas or that they do not have the skills necessary so to do. Likewise, many barristers having expertise in particular areas of law do not list those as "Areas of Specialisation" because they may not wish to confine their practice to such areas. Accordingly, the fact that a barrister does not have a particular area of specialisation listed under his or her name does not mean that he or she does not have expertise in that area.

Whenever additional information is required in order to choose a barrister, a solicitor or other person having Direct Professional Access will make inquiry directly of the barrister concerned.

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